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RocketShoes Pty Ltd

Meet the team

Matt Riddle

Founder and CEO

An expert in educational innovation with a career spanning over 25 years, my focus is improving learners’ lives using emerging educational technologies and learning space design (physical and virtual). Previous roles include acting Pro Vice-Chancellor and Director of Educational Innovation at La Trobe University, and Research Associate at the Centre for Applied Research in Educational Techologies at the University of Cambridge.

Kieran Nolan

Co-Founder and Business Development Executive

I am an International Speaker, CoderDojo Mentor, Blockchain Expert, Educational Technologist at Wooranna Park Primary School.  I am driven by three tenets: innovation, disruption, and lifelong learning. Over the course of more than a decade, I have gained extensive industry experience, specialising in education, technology, and blockchain applications.

Monika Cimolin

Senior Project Manager

I am a fully certified programme, project and change manager, passionate about both education and technology.
Over the last decade, I worked for large technology corporations and about four years ago I started my journey in the higher education sector.
I specialise in implementing large-scale organisational transformation programmes and projects as well as process improvements, helping businesses reach their full potential.

Scott Riddle

Operations Manager

With a background in writing and publishing for children with The Five Mile Press and Roland Harvey Studios, I have a particular interest in innovative ways to engage and educate young people. Put together with my experience in building and sustaining a niche media business for over 20 years, RocketShoes aligns many of my skills with my values.

Finn Macken


Over the course of my research career, I have been in charge of projects ranging from marketing analysis to educational disruption. Along with RocketShoes, I have worked as a researcher at the coworking space Hatch Quarter and the educational technology startup FourthRev, jobs which have led me to develop a broad understanding of education and emerging tech. I am the founder of Synthesizable, a research startup specialising in data synthesis and analysis.

RocketShoes Transformation Model

We take you through an innovation process from end to end.



Get to know your organisation, and figure out the "growth gap"



Gather insights from your key stakeholders



Asking "how can we...?



Get creative and generate ideas



Hone in on the top ideas



Test hypotheses and measure success



Aim for progress, not perfection



Spread the word

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